“You Got This”

Things may not be going well for you …

… but hey, that’s life and it can be tough sometimes! I’m sitting here at home, with a hurricane coming close to hitting my neighborhood. The rain is coming down so hard, you can’t see outside of your windows. The wind is so loud, you’d need to use a Beats headset to silence the noise. A few broken branches and limbs from trees go flying by, and you think, “why the heck didn’t I evacuate?” I’m thinking: “this is a new experience, lets ride it out!” Not the best choice.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to admit you’re not okay, and confide in a friend or mentor for advice. Accepting that you’re not okay today is key. We will have days when life feels harsh, and that’s just part of living. The thing not to do during these moments is question yourself. Admit what it is, find your extraordinary courage, and do whatever you have to do to get past the situation.

Life has a funny way of working itself out. The truth is, if you are doing the best you can and understand that nothing is going to last forever, you can weather anything. Today is just part of the weather that makes up your life. Some days bring you sunny skies and all the good things that you could ever dream of, while other days are like thunderstorms covered in clouds, that distort your view of the big picture. Life is short. While today might be your hurricane, seas change and sunny skies always come back.

Just be patient and don’t try and solve your world problem in one day. You’ve got this! It’s all about the small steps: one minute, one hour, one day at time that will help you work through it.

People have major problems everyday. They get diagnosed with life-threatening conditions, lose someone close to them, lose a job, or deal with issues that bring them to their knees.

I’ve been watching an episode of Big Brother Season 21 while riding out the hurricane, and thought it was fitting that the underdog of the season, Nicole, who had not won any competitions to date and felt completely broken the week prior, pulled it together long enough to believe she could win. And she did! Believe.

 Just keep reminding yourself to not lose any belief in yourself, because that’s what will help you keep fighting when others may have given up on you.

Every one of life’s setbacks will work itself out, and the best part is that you will look back on all of this and be wiser for it. “Learn from it” is the answer.

Also know that no matter how bad things get, you need to have the courage and attitude that everything is eventually going to be OK. If you need a boost, reach out to some for help. That’s what your cell phone is for! Leverage friends, your networks and social media too.

Speaking of Hurricane Dorian, as I was watching TV there was a loud knock on my door that startled me. I jumped up to see who was at the door, wondering “what now?” To my surprise, a large branch from a palm tree had slammed right into the door, and that was when I said: “Jerry, you’ve got this” … but you can bet that next time, I’ll evacuate!

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