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“So, what are you going to do when you retire?”

I get asked daily what I am going to do in retirement. I’m not retiring from life, just one company that I hold in high regard and had magical defining moments.

Retirement is not an end game, it’s just one part of the circle of life and the experiences gathered from living it. You see life is truly a circle not a beginning and an end. What’s a circle anyway? A circle can become a point by continuously reducing its radius, just as a point can expand into a circle. You choose the the radius by how you live and prioritize your life. Retirement is one point on the circle and one that can expand infinitely.

I will have more defining moments…many more. You see, my mission in retirement is to live a better, more fulfilling, more interesting, more balanced life than all the years previously…and they were good…mostly. I recently had to deal with a little rejection. It’s tough to know someone is not on the same path as you, and to lose all that time invested hurts. However, rejection can be the first step towards success. Many of life’s frustrations and adversities are wrapped in a package labeled opportunities. At different times in life, we have to unlearn things to begin learning new things. Be diverse in thought, expand the circle you live in and fill your mind with new ideas that keep you moving forward.

I will do that while being a positive difference to everyone I meet and live in the army of optimism. Work-life balance is making wherever you are on the circle you live in an extension of what’s important to you, prioritizing those things that matter, and living as if it’s just one part of your journey. There’s no work, then life in my world; it’s all one. How I choose what’s important for my path is what matters. I will always choose to love first, listen second, contribute third…living a life where I contribute to others, me around me is my choice to live balanced life.

Too often people spend their time visiting life instead of contributing to and shaping it.

Cook a meal. Play a game. Write. Read. You don’t have to go big to contribute; try to live a few small ways each day. I call this the “Off the Bench Life”

Its competition that inspires me to do more, to live that better self…competition with myself and what I am doing to keep moving forward in my life.

So, don’t worry about me in retirement! I’ll figure it out, get over love lost, listen to opportunities to grow and contribute everyday.