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“Its easy to fool the eye its hard to fool the heart “ – Al Pacino

Someone I know recently pulled me aside and shared don’t ever question my trust, loyalty and friendship. It was a moment people rarely have at work that there is at least one person you can sit in a foxhole with and keep each other motivated when times take a turn. Trust is like knot and a tie that binds people together to do extraordinary work.

I take those relationships serious, I hold conversations with colleagues with me and only me trusting if they choose to share that’s on them but I learned young to keep those conversations to myself.

That same someone recently has changed behavior and acts differently and I am at odds at how to act except to ask what’s going on? I always get nothing but actions speak louder than words. You own how tiers perceive you and trust is a 24/7 task that never goes away.

Pure Trust in a fortune 200 companies is rare today as nothing is scared anymore. For me having reliable colleagues that I can collaborate, cooperate, reciprocate consideration and contribute to day to work is motivating for me. My DNA is always team first. Its the coach and player in my blood.

Reality Contestants like those on Big brother or Survivor are put int situations where they have to choose who to trust and the wrong decision there can lead to the end of someones game. Real life does give you opportunities to rebound .

Taking a leap of faith and trusting someone else is one of the scariest things you can do, and how you rebound from broken trust is everything.”

I tend to observe peoples behavior closely… and when a persons behavior changes you begin to think is there something wrong, going on and after conversations, trial and error and still not getting any closer you have a choice. Trust or don’t trust. Trust is like a dimmer on a light switch. When its high all’s bright and and good, when its low its dark and you are finding your way around someone carefully is tedious and uncomfortable. It just not fun.

TRUST is the cornerstone of every relationship. It’s defined as “ belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone “ See those actions and you have people you trust.

Studies say that teams that have high trust perform better and grow faster than those that do not. Lets face it trust moves things along at better than average speeds.

When that behavior changes though so does the trust. Transparency and Authenticity is everything in maintaining trust. Trust is easy to begin a relationship with maintaining is work as rebuilding it is hard.

Here are my tips for maintaining and enhancing trust in your professional and personal relationships.

  1. Be positive influences on everyone… take the high road, speak with candor and always hold your true north in place. Will you vent with others sure that’s the lesser of the interactions keeping each one motivating to the people you interact with daily.
  2. Brand is everything. How you show up when around on people will create how people see you… you are always being watched like the cameras in a reality show. Someone, somewhere is judging your behavior and making decisions about whether they can trust you or not.
  3. Live the Lou Holtz rule’ Lou Holtz was a famous college football coach and TV analyst. I saw him speak and he said when you interact with people they ask themselves 2 questions; “What doe this person want” and Can I trust them”
  4. You do what you say you can and will do; you do it to the best of your abilities. Keep your promises
  5. You help all people win with ethics, integrity, and best intentions for all.
  6. Bring your best to people everyday, own your message and actions.

The bottom line is this – people don’t give their ideas, efforts, enthusiasm, or best work to people they don’t trust. That’s what trust is. It’s power. Power to bring out the energy, talents and the best in individuals, it build teams, and helps everyone achieve amazing results.

Simply your actions will influence how those around you act in your presence and ultimately trust you.

Speaking of actions … What would you recommend on actions I take with the someone I mentioned above? What would you do? I’d love to hear from you.

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