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“Life’s a climb, but the view is great…” – Miley Cyrus

I get asked on many sessions I deliver to put in a piece on generations, especially managing millennials . While I agree everyone grew up differently, I don’t agree with the stereotypes .

Millennials are just fine, extraordinary to be exact. After all, we raised them. These young leaders are engaged, bright, smart and they don’t compromise their goals. Yes they don’t compromise what they are playing for … I hope they never do at least their principles for being successful. Their innovations will change the world for the better. WE have to meet them where they are … communication, technology and embrace the change they are bringing into the workforce.

A majority of the folks I deliver my leadership programs to are the 20-30 age group and they are the most participative group before, during and after each session in their desire to get better, get promoted, learn how to be the best. Transparent, authentic, real communication skills move the needle with people. The ability to make every moment count and the desire to play for the extraordinary in life is rare in people … less rare in companies.

In every hotel I stay in there is a survey either in the room or on your receipt and essentially it asks “how did we do” and also if we were not excellent please let us know and they ask you for your email address and/or phone number here they can contact you. Now excellent or extraordinary to me is something I want to brag about to others…. I essentially become a net promoter of this business. I’ve shared and its rare I get a response or if I do its an active listen session. How many of us play for extraordinary daily?

I see in these young business associates … they play to be the best daily. So I approach every group regardless of the generational differences by asking myself “How can I be extraordinary today with my class, with each individual?” How can I make the experience world class? I don’t call the class a class or training or a program Its called the “Emerging Leaders Experience ” for a reason. I want to meet them where they are and give them an experience they will never forget, know what great looks like, to realize extraordinary lives inside of this company.

I take the same approach with my teammates. I take a personal inventory of my teammates and ask myself the same hotel questions … Am I being an extraordinary partner, teammate?

So there’s nothing wrong with millennials they are just fine, excellent and they will change the world for a better, I believe it. I see it. The question is “What will do you?” Could you have a better sense of urgency around asking for feedback, delivering extraordinary daily ?

Remove the guesswork and meet them where they are  … In my new book currently in development I’ll explore that. Its working title is called  C.L.I.M.B.  (Communicate-Listen-Inspire-Motivate-Believe.). Acronym pending.

Check out my website, especially the media page, to look at some places I’ve been and people I’ve met along the way that drive the C.L.I.M.B. daily in me.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving