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WOW! The holiday season is here, and I’m up against the clock. I have employees to lead, letters to read, a list to make and check twice (find out who’s naughty and nice), orders to fill, processes to manage, I need to make sure the factory is on track to complete my orders, insure our quality is intact, add new technologies, new people to train and skills to develop, interview and train new elves, solve daily problems, and damn, someone has to clean up the reindeer poop.

If you have guessed it, that’s a short task list from Santa Claus. This is his time to lead, hit his deadlines and give world class service to his customers … US!

Santa Claus has some great leadership qualities and is very comfortable in his own skin, leading while being … well … a bit heavy and in a bright red suit. None of that matters if you have confidence in what you do, believe in your people and deliver world class service to your team and customers.

Here are Santa Claus’ SMART goals:

  1. Specific Goals – He communicates his goals: Deliver gifts on Christmas Eve and keep the Holiday Spirits high.
  2. Motivating – Imagine if Santa didn’t keep his team motivated and they didn’t complete their tasks by Christmas Eve? Bedlam! You’ve all the seen the movies that threaten to dampen the Spirit of Christmas; Santa has to exude positivity, show genuine interest and caring and be a servant leader.
  3. Actions – Santa knows the actions he needs to drive to get his team to deliver results. He sets clear expectations, and the deadlines are set in stone. Have the reindeer ready to lead the elves, prepare the gifts and sleigh, etc. He leads with purpose, mastery and gives autonomy where it’s earned.
  4. Relevant – Santa maintains the essence of the holiday season, spreads joy and manages everyone’s definition of the “holidays”, and he does it on a global scale. It must be a nightmare to track those expenses! Accommodating the milk and cookies, being punctual, enhancing a giving spirit, remaining cheerful, being trust worthy, and meeting the expectations of all of his customers along the way. Santa creates relevancy through his actions and modeling the way.
  5. Track – Who keeps score and holds people accountable to results better than Santa? He has impeccable attention to detail: making a list and checking it twice, finding out who’s naughty or nice. He rewards performance annually, drives a strong culture of accountability, and maintains positivity while staying focused on achieving goals.

I’m sure there are many others, and I encourage you to list as many as you can think of in your comments. Also take a minute and Text “COACH” to 54900 to get a preview of my bestselling book “Off the Bench Leadership”.


Most importantly, no matter how you define the holidays, take the time to spend it with family and friends, acknowledge those who made a difference in your life this past year, spread cheer to everyone you meet, reflect on the past year, set some new goals for the year ahead and make every moment count … Loved ones are not here forever.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Make it a great one.

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