“For our annual athletics department staff retreat we searched for a dynamic speaker to help us enthusiastically kick off the start of another academic year. Upon the recommendation of our head women’s basketball coach, Jerry was chosen and did a tremendous job speaking to our athletics department staff. Jerry’s delivery was engaging and interactive while at the same time sparking individuals to think closely about effective language we use conversing with one another. As a former coach, Jerry understands the nuances of college athletic departments which helped the staff relate to his message. Overall, our department retreat this year was a success due in large part to Jerry’s impactful workshop.”

Drew Scales, University of North Carolina at Wilmington – Assistant Athletic Director

“I first met Jerry at LDP, a Leadership Development training hosted in Georgia by ADP. I had heard nothing but great things about him and was excited to meet the legend himself in person. Jerry kept us all engaged throughout the entire training and exceeded all expectations that I had based off the amazing things that I had heard from everyone at the company. He was not only dedicated to developing the group that entire week, but he kept in touch after I flew back to Chicago. He was there to talk me through a rough patch when I didn’t get the promotion I had sought after post training and motivated and encouraged me to continue on the path and have faith. He then introduced me to a new position and pushed me to keep an open mind. Thanks to him I’m now going to fly out to New Jersey to pursue my dream job. Jerry not only has an amazing story to tell of his own, is incredibly motivational and captivating in front of his audience, but also genuinely cares about others development and well-being. You won’t find another Jerry, that’s for sure. I only hope that those wanting to achieve greatness get a chance to meet him in person so that they can encounter the same experience I did.”

Karolina Buczek, ADP Small Business Services

“Jerry Busone was my first sales manager after I graduated from college and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor/coach…love seeing life come full circle!!”

Cesar Enciso, Founder and Managing Partner of Evotek

“I was recently introduced to Jerry in June of this year, as he facilitated a workshop for our sales leadership team. Jerry came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations. Jerry has a way of connecting with his audience, and I genuinely found the workshop to be high impact for the sales leaders.”

Kristy Baykowski, NSD, Endo

“I had the pleasure of working with Jerry for the first time this year. Loved his energy, and passion that he brought to the table.”

Eric J. Brand, Senior Director Sales Training , Endo

“I have known Jerry professionally for 5 years. He is one of the most dynamic speakers I have seen and can hold the attention of any room. I have been lucky enough to see him present on many different topics in front of many different types of audiences. So when it came time to choose a dynamic speaker for front line leadership development topics, I knew just where to go for the insight I needed and the execution required. Jerry has an enthusiasm for leadership development that is unmatched. I have yet to see someone that is more dedicated to the development of others than Jerry. He listened to some of the opportunities that our organization had for front line leaders, and partnered with us to make sure that the message and workshop we chose to execute fell in line with our organizational objectives. Thanks Jerry for coming with us to Nashville and supporting the development of our leaders.”

Jeff Day”, National Sales Director, Endo Pharmaceuticals

“Jerry Busone is one of the experts in business leadership and motivation. I was fortunate enough to work with him at the start of my leadership career, and the skills he taught have helped shape the leader I am today. He gave me much to pass on to my teams over the years. This is a book you definitely want to read to take yourself and teams to the next level.”

Alan Gurock, Group vice president, North American commercial analytics sales, Adobe

“Jerry Busone was an integral part of one of the great stories in sports history—the ascension of the Old Dominion University women’s basketball team to the top of the national rankings. They were pioneers in women’s athletics. Busone recalls the lessons he learned—and taught—as a coach and makes them relevant to the business environment. Bottom line: it’s a game plan for success.”

Jim Ducibella, Author, King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938; columnist, Virginia Golfer; web writer, College of William and Mary

“Jerry introduced me to individual employee development. He taught me to address the individual, highlight their strengths, and help them exploit those strengths. He also taught me you can lead
a horse to water and you can entice them to drink through personal motivation, articles, and stories to inspire their souls. Through these techniques, he took our team off the sidelines and not only put us in the game, he made us winners.”

Lee Ann Hollington Gehers, Vice president, client relations, ARI

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