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Its another Mothers Day and every year since 2009 I think about my mom with a heavy heart. Losing your parents is one of those rites in life you have to face yet never dream its going to happen until it does. Its a club everyone gets to join like it or not… its the passing of one generation to another .

Like everyone else I too went through losing both parents . I vividly remember the good memories and it took some time to get there. Loss and recovery is never easy, always there and over time gets better. Never forget , the sorrow of loss turns into the fond memories rich with Life’s Lessons.

My mom was particularly a hard one on me. One I still think about today. I think about her everyday but I remember my last visit the last moment with her so clearly. She squeezed my hand ,smiled and faintly said my name “jerry” And with that I would never see my mom again. Like everyone else the grieving process took precedent at this setback in my life. My mom was amazing and taught us so much.

She came over to the USA from Italy at 12 years old with her 16 year old sister. They couldn’t speak the language but found work, got her high school education met my dad and began a life. She was poor but you’d never know it . We didn’t have much growing up but we had everything we needed with their attitudes and gratefulness for what they had in life.

In an age when women predominantly stayed at home my mom held 3 careers. She was a seamstress and a good one , even making me suits to look my best for school events. Sent me to a military academy we couldn’t afford, she cooked at the family restaurant she opened with my brothers and she ran a household like a CEO. We had little but wanted for nothing , she baked, cooked , cleaned and raised us everyday. She was perfection at every role and found time for everyone as well. She created a culture of hard work and winning. She connected with us and friends through every meal. She always’s made more than we could consume at a meal and gave it to others in need. She never let us down even in tough times.

I particularly remember going to a grade school holiday party where the parents left gifts for they kids. Mine was a “IOU” … yep no gift but and IOU and love from my folks. My mom waited for me right outside the school and knew how I would feel she explained it with a hug and made me feel better immediately. She took me out for ice cream at a local diner and made me smile. Thats all I needed.

You see my mom CLIMBed every day she handled the Challenges , Listened to her kids, Inspired and Motivated us to be the best with what we had and most important she Believed . That was never more true than in my final visit with her.

You see my mom had Alzheimer’s and early on said she would never forget me . When she uttered my name in my final visit to her ,she hadn’t spoken a clear word in years Some how she had it in her to keep her promise just liked she did with the IOU when I was 5 years old..

My mom lived through that disease one minute ,one hour and one day at a time .

As a son of an Alzheimers parent ,It’s a wake up for me that destiny waits for no one and while we may not be able to control destiny what we can do is put our best out there everyday and CLIMB though the day to day setbacks that slow us down.The value I took from my mom is simply “Be so go no one can ignore you” And sometimes that’s just has to be good enough .

So I ask you what will your destiny be … chase your goals one minute ,one hour , one week at a time . How will you handle the Challenges that come your way, who will you listen to and where will you inspire and motivate. Above all YOU have to Believe in yourself. Because you will have those days when it gets tough but focus on your destiny, what you play for everyday and get up, fight back and be so good …No one I mean no one will ever ignore you…at the end of journey feel good you left it all out there regardless of the scorecard.

My mom taught me a valuable lesson. Listen to your folks, friends and family and find how you can CLIMB to new heights in your life one minute, one hour one week at a time.

What lessons have you learned? How do they apply to your day to day life?

Connect with me to know more.