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Ten Habits Usher Greatness

TUPAC SHAKUR labeled the term THUG Life and defined it as “when you have nothing, and succeed when you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aim.” Today we overlook the little things we can do to overcome day to day obstacles, things that create a most productive YOU, a successful YOU and a happier YOU. Ultimately, a happier, better more productive team. Isn’t that what its all about.

Here are ten habits that usher greatness in YOU… the T.H.U.G. Life ten:

  1. START YOUR DAY WITH A SIMPLE TASK, before you leave the house for work. It might be washing dishes, taking out the trash, doing a load of laundry or making your bed. One task leads to another and many more will follow. When you come back home, you will notice you started your day on a good note doing something positive. Me, I learned to make my bed every day. A Military school practice and highlighted by U.S. Navy Adm. William H. McCraven in a commencement address. Nice feeling to know it’s done when you come home.
  2. REACH OUT TO A LOVED ONE BEFORE YOU START YOUR DAY, think about someone you’ve lost in your life whom you cared about deeply. What’s the one thing you would say to him/her if you had the chance? You’d probably tell him/her how much you loved them, right? Don’t take time for granted … because you never know when yours will be up. Tell the people you care about you care, tell your team how much you appreciate them as well.
  3. FIND SOME ALONE TIME JUST 10 MINUTES TO PLAN YOUR DAY, make it a point to feed yourself knowledge every day. Doing this helps you to reboot your brain, increase productivity and find your voice. Any time that you can spend alone with yourself to reboot, meditate, focus, relax, create, produce, and/or think deeply is better than no time. Break your day down to the Top, second and third most important things you need to accomplish when you plan your day.
  4. RECOGNIZE SOMEONE FOR DOING SOMETHING GOOD OR RIGHT helping other people feels good. However, you choose to say it, don’t skip it. Positive feedback makes us feel recognized and appreciated, it identifies what we have done right and gives people a clue what to do more of … People need to know what they do right often. It drives productivity to the right places and retains your people.
  5. MAKE SOMEONE BETTER AT ONE THING, if you want to improve your life, help others improve theirs. There is freedom in knowing that helping others get better is not finite – that in reality, it keeps things growing. Someone’s success can actually be my success if I had an opportunity to enable, encourage, and promote them along the way. So choose to make people better and you’ll enable your better self. Ask yourself “Who did I make better today?”
  6. BE GRATEFUL AND SAY THANK YOU, more and more studies show that gratitude makes a person happier and healthier. Appreciation is a major driver of job satisfaction and happiness. Small courtesies, like thank you still create a powerful response in others and make people happier and more loyal.
  7. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE AND HANDLE CONFLICT DIRECTLY AND SWIFTLY, my mom used to say “show me who you hang around with and I will tell you who you are” You are the company you keep. Choose to surround yourself with positive people, solution driven people. Handle conflict in a respectful, positive way, conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between people.
  8. BE GENEROUS, it doesn’t cost anything to give back, a dollar to someone homeless, anything giving enhances positivity for everyone and makes all involved happier.
  9. EXERCISE AND GET YOUR REST, whether its energy, mood or health, exercise and rest boosts our self-esteem and day to day outlook. Just 15 minutes of exercise has shown to improve someone’s productive outlook on a day. Don’t neglect moving daily … better yet get out with your people for the majority of the day.
  10. UNPLUG FOR A PORTION OF EVERY DAY, we don’t need statistics to tell us we are over-attached to our technology. We already know this to be true. BUT You do control the power down button and knowing when to use it is a key to that T.H.U.G. Life you seek. Powering down helps remove unhealthy feelings that accumulate throughout a day, gives you the solitude you need to think/plan and solve. Powering down enables you to enjoy the life happening right in front you … now … this very moment.

Do these small takes daily and enable your T.H.U.G. Leadership. Try it and see how many you can accomplish in a day. Don’t miss the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Rapper Trick Daddy said it best and I paraphrase his song “I don’t know what the world’s gonna bring, but I know one thing this is the life for me, all day every day … cause I’m a THUG.”