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In 2019 focus yourself on capitalizing on moments vs. resolutions daily.

The gift of inspiration for a New Year or a Lifetime from my granddaughter.

New Year’s Eve: another year come and gone, and I look back at resolutions won and lost.

Yes, I moved and retired (changing priorities from my 9-5 life). Yes, I found and lost love. 

No, I did not get cast on my favorite reality shows. Weight loss and fitness … lost that one. I netted out at one pound less….and on and on with my list of last year’s resolutions.

Truth be told, once I retired from my 28-year career to do other things I was ecstatic … we all work to earn that day when we can enjoy the “golden years” of a retired lifestyle. I moved near a beach, made and reconnected with childhood friends, upped my golf game and spent time with my family. I got to enjoy my neighborhood and surrounding cities after traveling 36-40 weeks a year. Paris Hilton travels 300 days a year and I wasn’t far from that. …and don’t ask how I know that … it’s truth from the greatest brand ambassador herself. 

It been fun, and I haven’t been retired 3 months and already I know something is missing.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I have all these things that I am grateful for, but I’m not feeling fulfilled. AND THEN IT HAPPENED… A simple act from my granddaughter was all I needed. 

It was Christmas morning. If you haven’t experienced it before, the look on a 5-year-old face and eyes are precious. I remember those days when my child would tear down the hallway to get her gifts … the evening before all the presents under the tree and putting toys together. Just an incredible experience. Memories and moments that you’ll have for a lifetime. My granddaughter was the same way … the excitement she felt days before, the anticipation of Santa bringing her pre-selected toy she talked about all week. Funny thing happened that morning … we all got up and went downstairs together … the tree was loaded with gifts from Santa and the family, and most were for my granddaughter. I waited for her to dig in and started unwrapping the surprises that she earned for being on the nice list all year. That didn’t happen…instead she went into another room and came back with three brown paper bags with “mom”, “dad” and “papa” written on them and inside was a small token from her toys… before she opened one package she handed a gift to her parents and her one visiting grandparent. It hit me emotionally and right then and there I knew what was missing. 

You see, your corporate life gives you the benefit of built in truths and whys it is that sense of purpose that’s wakes you every morning. That’s what was missing for me and with one thoughtful gesture from a child I got it. 

Life is made up of a series of moments. The moment you run into an old friend or an acquaintance unexpectedly. The moment you faced a longtime fear. The moment you stand up for yourself after being quiet and patient. The moment you successfully complete a mission: losing weight, being more focused, being more positive, finish reading a book…etc.

And yes, the moment your granddaughter paused and thoughtfully gave you a gift before she opened a myriad of hers.

So, thinking about resolutions this year, I don’t have any. Goals, yes. Resolutions, no… I mean, every day is New Years Day and every day offers a new opportunity to capitalize on the moments ahead of us that day.  Enjoy the here and now and prepare yourself for the opportunities and moments that present themselves. 

Life is a series of opportunities to meet the many moments that present themselves. Are we all ready to deliver, execute or take advantage of them?  Would you put others first before you? Are you willing to observe and listen to others to capture those moments? Everyday can be New Years Day if you are mindful of what’s going on right in front of you. Lou Holtz said it best “ask yourself daily over and over and over again “What’s Important Now (WIN), and do just that”. It makes sense to me, and sure did to my granddaughter. How about you? That could be resolution enough …and that’s the lesson I learned.

Fall in love with where you are right now … think of others… stick by people who bring the magic out of you, listen to everyone and you might just gain wisdom. Do whats important in those moments and I promise that when you look back on 2019 it will be your best year yet. Like the thoughtfulness of a 6-year-old doing what’s important now. That is a New Years resolution worth celebrating. Do that, and you will wake up every day with a sense of purpose and intent. That’s my goal next year.

As I say in my book “Off the Bench Leadership “Own your destiny, focus on the positives”, and I will add to that “One moment at time”. 

Happy 2019… subscribe to my blog at offthebenchleadership.com and coming soon at YouTube “OFF THE BENCH MINUTE” Lessons on living life out loud and off the bench.