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Shortly following each pivotal moment in my life, I’ve asked myself the same question – did I make a difference? Like many fathers, one of my most memorable moments was the day I held my newborn daughter. I looked into her eyes and told her I was proud of her. Over the years, as I have watched her grow into a young lady with a family of her own, I’ve asked myself – did I make a difference?

Because I expected to work until I left this earth, retirement never dawned on me: it wasn’t an option. Now that I am approaching the end of a good run, a successful run, a career I didn’t know was possible, I find myself recollecting every sale, field ride, training, coaching session, and person I worked alongside. Once again that question, niggling the back of my mind, is creeping to the forefront…

Did I make a difference? Does anything else matter in a life dedicated to extra ordinary and living “Off the Bench?”

I have the tools and stories to write a book about the connections I’ve made, lessons I’ve learned, and people who have impacted me, and I plan to do so. I want to share my fantastic journey from my first coaching job in 1974 to my final day at ADP: October 5, 2018.

I am humbled and forever grateful to the many incredible people who have made a difference in my life and aided in my triumphant path at ADP.

1404 roll calls, 4000 emerging leaders served, 3000 promotions, Presidents Clubs, Board of Director Awards and national Championships, a Hall of Fame and one authored book later …it’s still about the people – did I make a difference?

Thank you to all the leaders and people throughout the years who have supported me and shown me the way.

To every player that committed to go beyond what was possible, I am forever grateful. To my current team, you helped a sales pro become a valued learning professional: thanks for your friendship.

Finally, to the Emerging Leaders across ADP… it is you that fueled my passion and soul for this job and accepted, supported, and rooted for me. I cannot thank you enough. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY HEART. YOU MATTER, AND I WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR YOUR SUCCESS.

Still, after it all I ask myself that one important question-

Did I make a difference?

Did I make a difference for the DM fighting to get her first deal?

Did I make a difference for the working, single mom who struggled with being away from her young child?

Did I make a difference for the teammate who contemplated his next move, frustrated with his current role?

Did I make a difference for the Sales Executive who wasn’t finding success that I hoped I treated the way I would’ve wanted to be treated?

Did I make a difference when I celebrated my reps as they achieved Presidents Club?

Did I make a difference for the Emerging Leaders who came through the program and counted on me to rally for them when it came time to interview for their first role?

Did I make a difference for that new SE who was overwhelmed and wondering if she made the right move?

Did I make a difference after Central Florida   won region of the year, after years of average to subpar performance?

You see, I could continue to go on with story after story and as I approach retirement from a job I love, that has made me stronger every day, I can share this – did I make a difference?

For someone who lived by a scoreboard most of his life, where someone else decides the score, I have always given a little bit better than my best effort to everyone I came across, every day.

For each situation I’ve had to work through and for every challenge I’ve faced, my goal was always the same: to be able to go home at night, look my little girl in the eye, and know that dad has set a great example. I knew that I was a dad my daughter would be proud of.

An endless thank you for the memories, the connections, and the people. People are what ADP has always been about. ADP is a great place to work and have a career from hire to retire. I am a living example as I have lived ADP for a long time. They treat their associates with dignity, respect, and people always know they matter at ADP. ADP advocated for my retirement and I know it will be a celebration.

On my best days and my worst days, the people kept me coming back. And the people will always have my heart…  

Take time to make a difference … remember You control the experiences people take from interacting with you daily.

How will you make a difference in the people who surround you daily?

Comment and let me know about those  moments.

Thank you

– Jerry Busone aka “Coach”