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Everyone wants to be able to trust their supervisors, no one really likes change, we all like feedback, and the number of hours you put in at work depends more on your level in the organization than on your age.

I work with 4 generations and even have done trainings and keynotes around generations but the more I look into it the less I’m buying it…at least as far a being a Leader is concerned.

Look… do baby boomers, gen x, millennial and iGen see the world through different lenses? Of course they do… everyone grew up in different times, different technologies and mindset. But the so-called generation gap is, in my mind is the result of miscommunication and misunderstanding around insecurities and the desire to be relevant and in vogue. Who has the power and who wants it?

When you look at people as people, everyone wants to be treated fairly, with respect, acknowledged for doing good work, listen to, have their ideas considered and want feedback. The Golden Rule ‘treat others and you want to be treated” plays here more often than not.

What dies separate people are the desire and inspiration they bring to everyone they touch. The work ethic of a corporate climber or gifted athlete holds no generation gap. It’s a mindset within. There are baby boomers I’d hire in a minute for ranking leadership roles as there are millennial I’d promote with little experience because of their talent, and will to succeed.

Business today is challenging and complex enough. Don’t let generational differences complicate your team’s goals. Think of the people you work for and with, what engages them? What’s important to them? What are their likes and dislikes? How do they get their work done? What’s important to them? Profile your people and enhance their work experience by leveraging those things that fuel them daily. You don’t need to look at generations to understand that…you need all your team members – young and old – X, Y Boomer, Millennial and iGeneration focused on the same objectives and working together effectively.

Managing generations, or people through ‘Off the Bench Leading” It crosses all ages and keeps people focused on the end goal of your organization.

Is the Generation Gap Myth or Fact? I think its a little of both. Don’t define people by their Generation, its their actions and results that matter.